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Locorotondo stands on a raised place at 410 meters. sea ??level, on the Murgia, the midpoint of the beautiful Valle d'Itria. Characterized by the unique and picturesque old town, declared one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy", Locorotondo is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and rich lands, the ancient trulli and farms rustic flavor. In addition, you can taste the ancient flavors of the dishes typical of Puglia in many traditional inns and villas.

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Aberobello, known as the Capital of Trulli, UNESCO recognized, Alberobello is a unique place in the world, characterized by "casedde", the trulli, ancient and in any case, existing houses in stone and lime. The areas around Little Hague (the area from the oldest trulli), the Monti district (with its typical shops and delicious Trulli to visit) and the Sovereign Trullo, only trullo on two floors, will fascinate you feel in a place of 'past and will welcome you with traditional flavors and aromas of the place.

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Cisternino is situated on one of the highest hills of southern Murgia, with its old town made ??of houses decorated with flowers that hang from balconies, with its vibrant colors and scents of the Mediterranean. Also known for its culinary specialties, grill and stove, Cisternino is a comfortable place to spend pleasant summer days.

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Ostuni, also called the "white city" of Puglia, with its houses painted with lime, almost blinding in the sun. It stands on the valley from which one can admire the crystal clear Adriatic. In this place you blend the diverse cultures East and the Apulian Romanesque and Baroque. All this is reflected in the details and picturesque corners of the city, in a charming old town where you can lose yourself among the scents of the Puglia border.

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Martina Franca is a charming town at 431 m. height above sea level, Martina Franca overlooks the charming Valle d'Itria. The beautiful Old Town is certainly the most distinctive landmark of the town, a splendid example of Baroque art, with white streets, important churches and palaces surrounded by beautiful countryside made ??up of trulli and farms rich in tradition. Largest town in the Valle d'Itria, besides its natural beauties, Martina enjoys a thriving business and cultural and entertainment destination for the famous Festival della Valle d'Itria.

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Grottaglie is a city surrounded by ravines, which cinturano the city and give a special charm, as the particular charm also has the famous Bishop's Castle, the only district with shops of ceramics excavated in the caves. It is also rich in architecture, the religious (churches date back to 1300) and the civil palaces dating from the fifteenth century.
Fundamental attractiveness of the town is definitely the District of Ceramics, with its numerous shops and workshops, some visitors, where to find unique decorative items and handmade.

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Taranto is the 'ancient capital of the Magna Greece, Taranto is the modern city of two seas. Located in a beautiful bay, is a city that combines the past with the present. In addition to its old cathedral city of San Cataldo, you can meet beautiful mansions, among which Palazzo Pantaleo, a branch of the Museum, in which you can admire the splendid frescoes De Matteis. The beauty of Taranto comes mainly from the sea, with its coasts and its crystalline waters, along the Salento coast road, which stretches up to Salento, at Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca.

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Trani is a reference to the inhabitants of the surrounding area, not only because the center-balnere tourist and entertainment, but also some characteristics that make it an important destination for culture, art and history. Located on the sea, with its Swabian Castle, which is one of the most important and most readable among those blasted by Frederick II, is located a short distance from the famous Cathedral, known as "Queen of the cathedrals of Puglia", along with its port commercial and tourism is certainly an ideal and interesting on the Adriatic coast of Puglia.


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